We can assist you to integrate new data in real-time and migrate your historical data


We know how much effort it takes to move years and years of production data and other relevant information into a new platform and that this is a major issue when evaluating such a transition. That's why we can do that for you by moving all of it for you and establish all links between iSEE and other platforms you already use that can complement it. In that way, you can start using iSEE as your new data platform where you left off.


By customizing the functionality of your iSEE platform, your organization's unique requirements can be addressed to enhance your team's performance.

Data Migration

Loading your historical data, batch records, SOPs, templates into iSEE so that you only have the benefits of adopting a new tool.

3rd Party Integrations

Our expertise dealing with most data sources and the strategy followed to develop iRISK enables us to link it to various 3rd party software.

Data Integrity

Integrity of your data is an essential quality attribute in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.


Just a snapshot of iSEE integration with your Business Platforms environment.
We are experts on integrate our solutions into a compliant environment.