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iSEE™ Platform is designed to provide all aspects of 4.0 Product/Process Development and Lifecycle Management under one-environment. Using robust Data-Science and Risk-based evidence- & knowledge-based approaches, decisions convert into actions. Delivering excellence at unprecedent operational, regulatory and quality culture levels.

iSEE™ allows state-of-the-art visibility over data and information across multiple products, connecting processes end-to-end and through each one’s lifecycle. iSEE™ enables a true 4.0 approach to a company’s pipeline and commercial product portfolio (stages I, II or III) supporting program acceleration, post-launch continuous-improvement and agile change management.


iSEE™ is a tool developed and supported by 4Tune Engineering. We are a global company working with the top pharmaceutical companies in Europe, North America and LATAM for over 16 years. Focused on operational excellence, we help companies improve decisively the entire lifecycle of their products and processes with intelligent and industry-proven solutions. For more information, please visit our corporate website.

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We are active in all geographies and have offices in Portugal and Brazil. Please feel free to reach us with any doubts or requests you may have.
iSEE™ Sales&Support
Av. António Augusto Aguiar, 108 - 4
1050-019 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 21 606 2788
Email: info@4TuneEngineering.com

4Tune Engineering operates throughout the entire world.

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