You know you have Data.
It's time to use it.

iSEE Platform™ brings the latest generation of data analysis and visualization to all your processes.

It enables an established data management architecture that will help you extract value from your process and quality data.

Your processes. Full visibility.

Make your data work for you.

Everyone knows the amazing potential that proper data processing and analysis holds for applicatons within the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries.

iSEE Platform™ has been designed to make the most out of your data, whether you already have a data lake or not. And by making the most we mean bringing real benefits that are transversal to your entire organisation.

All your data. One Platform.

iSEE Platform™ is the ultimate Pharma Lifecycle Management platform. And the reason for that is the skilful handling of the data generated by every process in your organisation.

iSEE Platform™ enables the proper timeline visualizations for the major and minor events that are reported the platform. Any allowed user will be able to report issues into iSEE Platform™ platform, allowing a centralized and sharable storage of tacit knowledge from the shopfloor team to the quality or and engineering team.

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Gain quick, solid insights into any of your processes

Data interaction is built into every step you take in iSEE Platform™. As the data is integrated under one unique system, iSEE Platform™ will provide tools for visualizing data cross-product into one or multiple charts.

You will be able to directly compare similar products – from any site – side by side with an easy feature for dragging-and-dropping.

No data source is out of reach.

iSEE Platform™ is built in such a way that is compatible with any data storage system that may already be in use.

From OSIsoft, to SAP, going through Oracle, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, iSEE Platform™ will fit in your work environment like a glove.

Our team will guide and assist you through the entire data integration process.

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Making use of your data. Now a reality.

Spend time making sound decisions, not fixing inconsistent data

Once all data is available in iSEE Platform™ all the charts and panels will be up to date in real-time.

Decisions can be made right when you need them and you won't spend more time fixing inconsistent data or gathering multiple sourced information to decide.

Let the data do the job

Using the proper statistical approaches, modelling and a very advanced custom and configurable alarms, iSEE Platform™ enables the full power of data.

It analyses trends and deviations which will allow you to take the preventive actions that you need. We only need to set up the system and then iSEE Platform™ will do all the work.


Predictable outcomes. Always.

Unlock the frontier of manufacturing predictability with the flawless data processing. Your batches will almost never fail and, if they ever do, you will know exactly why, and it will not happen again.

Don't just use your data. Use it with confidence.

iSEE Platform™ assures data traceability as per regulatory requirements. An audit trail functionality is always recording the major changes in the system with a user traceability information.

And more, iSEE Platform™ provides formal approval cycles for actions such as report templates approval, CPV plan definition and batch status change.