Piecing together all your manufacturing workflows.

Seamlessly consolidated distributed operations

Several workflows. Perfectly connected.

iSEE Platform™ makes sure that all your sites communicate with each other. It does so by consolidating all the information from the analytical methods of all the processes, bringing it together in a cloud facility and delivering a unified map.

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Full visibility of your portfolio in all your sites.

iSEE Platform™ easily becomes the memory of your production because it captures the data from all the different processes, for different products, in different sites.

Your production becomes automatically more resilient with a uniform knowledge management structure that is impervious to the loss of assets.

But more than that, iSEE Platform™ retains all the knowledge of all your analytical methods with each equipment's specificity. This means that it will account automatically for the impact of using different equipment in different locations for different products.

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Many business processes in the same map.

iSEE Platform™ doesn't just sew together all your business processes. It pieces all the data elements together in a single fabric that seems seamless and unified.

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Not only your sites, your supply chain as well.

With iSEE Platform™, all your business processes are thoroughly mapped and their critical points are found. Not just production, your suppliers, your inventory, your raw material supplying. In the end there's only one map.

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