The perfect blend of
fast time-to-market with
operational excellence.

Be the first to get to market

Success sometimes means that you need to be as fast as possible while minimising batch losses.

iSEE Platform™ is your manufacturing memory, it learns from all your processes and experiences. It takes that knowledge and makes sure that your production is at its best from the very beginning.

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State-of-the-art Comparability protocols

iSEE Platform™ uses the totality of evidence framework with all the analytical methods it is connected to. So that when your processed is being compared, you see the full picture with a better and more sensitive analysis.

Easier Post Approval Change Management

Comparability data is not only retained, it's increased

Completely justified

Deliver always consistent and science-based justifications for your post-approval changes

Total comparability

iSEE Platform™ detects with outstanding rigour if the comparability is total using the totality of evidence framework

Full confidence

Data is measured in real-time so you are sure that what you're reading hasn't changed

360º vision

The totality of evidence framework creates a holistic vision that shows you everything, even perspectives you didn't know existed

Predictable outcomes for all your decisions

iSEE Platform™ brings you a Digital Twin engine. You will be able to simulate the interaction of your different operation units and be assured that every decision you take will have a predictable outcome.

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Compliance doesn't need to compromise agility anymore

iSEE Platform™ puts data and science at the centre of the operations. This means that you can prepare and submit a Post-Approval Change swiftly while meeting any acceptance criteria and other conditions.

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