All your products.
All your processes.
All your sites.

In one platform

Many locations, the same product

iSEE Platform™ makes sure that your product, wherever it is produced and with whatever equipment, is the same in a global scale.

And, more than that, it continuously benchmarks your Continuous Process Verification diagnostics globally, making sure that your process deviations are smaller each time and your troubleshooting keeps getting better.

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State-of-the-art Comparability protocols

iSEE Platform™ uses the totality of evidence framework with all the analytical methods it is connected to. So that when your processed is being compared, you see the full picture with a better and more sensitive analysis.

Easier Post Approval Change Management

Comparability data is not only retained, it's increased

Completely justified

Deliver always consistent and science-based justifications for your post-approval changes

Total comparability

iSEE Platform™ detects with outstanding rigour if the comparability is total using the totality of evidence framework

Full confidence

Data is measured in real-time so you are sure that what you're reading hasn't changed

360º vision

The totality of evidence framework creates a holistic vision that shows you everything, even perspectives you didn't know existed

Full visibility of your portfolio in all your sites.

iSEE Platform™ easily becomes the memory of your production because it captures the data from all the different processes, for different products, in different sites.


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Take advantage of a multi-point digital CPV program.

iSEE Platform™ helps you connect CPV programs to key points in your process. This lets you know if something is deviating before it happens. And because of that, your CPV program at the end of the process will never see a deviation.

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