Having a Gapless Lifecycle.
It’s finally possible.

iSEE Platform™ aggregates your data, employs a digital CPV, supports your Post-Approval Changes and captures all the metadata of your processes. The result? A Flawless Product timeline.

The whole story. At your service.

Don’t just store knowledge. Organise it and make it work for you.

You’re already generating large amounts of data and knowledge. iSEE Platform™ takes it, processes it and puts it together.

The result? A flawless timeline for each product and process that helps you understand better the past, manage the present and sail quietly through the future.

The full product history. From start to end.

iSEE Platform™ is your company’s memory. It captures the data from all the critical points in your process for every iteration of your production. This also means that, for every batch you produce, you will automatically be better and more efficient.

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Increased resilience for your organisation.

Knowledge management becomes optimised with iSEE Platform™. It removes the effort of unifying knowledge management structures because it captures and processes all the data automatically. And then it reduces the friction time and inefficiencies every time a team member arrives or departs.

All the knowledge from all your equipment.

iSEE Platform™ will support the lifecycle management of your analytical methods. It retains all the knowledge from all your analytical methods for every specific equipment. This means that you can use the knowledge from one production to another and predict the impact any change will have in your process.

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The future is easier when the past is clear

Prevent future deviations and make smoother post-Approval changes

Having a Gapless Lifecycle is more than Knowledge Management. It can deliver real value to your business.

You will automatically learn from past events and have more efficient processes in the future. And you will be able to easily perform fully compliant post-Approval Change Management. All of this because your decisions are based on data and science.


Not only for the future.

With iSEE Platform™ you can have a full overview of all your clinical pipeline as well as your commercial portfolio. Even if not all your current portfolio has a QbD Framework implemented that is not an issue – we will make sure all the available data is part of your product Lifecycle through iSEE.

Let the data do the job

Using the proper statistical approaches, modelling and a very advanced custom and configurable alarms, iSEE Platform™ enables the full power of data by triggering trends and deviations which will allow a set of preventive actions on the user side. For this, it is only necessary to set up the system properly and then iSEE Platform™ will do all the work.


Gain quick, solid insights into any of your processes

Data interaction is built into every step you take in iSEE Platform™. As the data is integrated under one unique system, iSEE Platform™ will provide tools for visualizing data cross-product into one or multiple charts.

You will be able to directly compare similar products – from any site – side by side with an easy feature for dragging-and-dropping.